2016 … Ready to rock & Roll

With 3 months on the hard, BMM is finally on the water ready for a very busy 2016 season. Achieved all the jobs I needed to do to set the boat up the way I wanted. Installed a new 12 volt fridge/freezer and separte freezer unit, 2Kw transducer and structure scanner to interface with a new Lowrance 2- Generation sounder – very impressed with the unit … 1,000m cystal clear and for shallower waters/drop-off fishing … you can count the fish. Spent three solid days re-rigging lures, live-bait traces and associated fishing tackle. I love just mucking around with tackle and like most keen fisherman have enough gear for a life-time but can’t resist adding new tackle all on the promise of catching fish of a life-time.
As at Mid June, the weather is still far from settled .. the heavy rain and gusty conditions should have all abated .. more akin to our traditional May wet season … it seems like the climatic cycle is a month out of phase. The skip-jack are late but we still have plenty of schoolie size yellow fin and mahimhai are just starting to concentrate, especially west of our main grounds. Based on our charter committments this season we are hopeful of adding another 120 blues to our tally, togther with a few S/Marlin, B/Marlin and Shortbill. We have a few charters to concentrate on Broadbill …. and if the weather is good will do a few trips farther a-field … Capricorn Sea Mount some 130nm east of Vava’u. It rises out of 4,500 meters to a large platform and spot-x sits 275m below the surface.
I am like a cat on-a-hot-tin roof… roll on fishing …